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changed my url, remaking when I get home

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the hot tub blues

young furry tries to take a relax sit in hot tob on yacht and quickly gets the hot tab blaus

 i feel bad for ignoring all my friends today but i REALLY HAD TO GET MY GW2 MONTHLY DONW

Dsorry pals

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no on e seems to care but i do!! we!!!! are getting a car on saturday!!!!! my dads girlfriend bought my dad a new car so we are getting his old one!!!!!!!!! im so haoppy we can actually go places now im so happy my mom i s happy. shes never happy its so good to see evveryone not beogn so glum for once

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[21:40] -name removed-: hi Taqus ,  you are a very pretty , sexy hot , beautiful , attractive , Sexually Desirable  Girl , Deliciously So mmmmm , I would so so love to hold your beautiful , sexy hot , warm and tender , delicious naked body next to mine , kiss your beautiful delicious sensuous  lips passionately ,  touch your beautiful sexy hot delicious warm and tender naked body intimately , make out with you , pleasure you , taste you , smell you , make hot horny passionate love to you , in my very private , secure SL home , just you and me alone naked in bed making hot horny passionate intense love with each other , undisturbed by others mm , me pleasuring you fucking you till we both had a very beautiful delicious hot , intense orgasm together , with each other mmmm so very , very good , so  so delicious , so very intense , mmmm  if you  think you would love to with me please accept friendship offer so we can darling ok , i mean if you really , really want to that is , kisses , XXXXX

i keep getting hit on by creeps on sl

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homer/lisa episodes of the simpsons make me extremely sad

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i went on someones blog and the theme song to kaiba started to play and i thought it was their autoplay and i got so excited that i almost followed them but then i realised it was my own music

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Wow. wow

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lmao yeah nice d same

hello all

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there is no one i hate more on this earth

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why would anyone sit on teamspeak and take a literal shit while talking THAT IS SO!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ohh today i was in an mlp sim on sl and the cuuuuuuuuutest little donkey was there she had a voice morpher but she was still the cutest thing ive ever seen she was walkin around and talking to people and she added me as a friend and now i think we are best friends im so glad 

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